YouTube Video Making Process Step by Step for Beginner

YouTube Video Making Process Step by Step for Beginner

YouTube video making process require after prepare a YouTube channel. Since, your YouTube channel is ready, so start populating it with video content.

In this part, we will discuss about some different types of videos as well as how to make quality video.

Before you start filming, take decision what type of video would help you achieve your mission. There are eight types of  YouTube videos.

Select Type of Video on YouTube Video Making Process

Before start your brainstorming for, filming, and editing your videos, read this list of video types.

1. Customer Testimonials

The short-form interviews with satisfied customers is called customer testimonials. Customer testimonials can help to create organization as well as goods credibility.

2. On-Demand Product Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos are short pieces of content presenting the benefits as well as proper guideline use of a goods.

3. Explainer & Tutorial Videos

Explainer videos are in-depth videos showing how to use a goods or different parts of a goods or service. Tutorials can be used to answer customer support quires or explain a new goods feature. 

4. Thought Leader Interviews

Interviews with experts or thought leaders can help increase your organization’s credibility in an industry.

5. Project Reviews & Case Studies

Project reviews or case studies cover that type of videos which is make on the basis of any project or case summery.

6. YouTube Live

YouTube Live accepts users to broadcast live content to visitors. Live video helps you to easily share unfiltered moments as well as lets your viewers involvement with real-time comments and feedbacks. Live videos on YouTube are recorded and on-air as any other video upload.

7. Video blogs 

Video blogs are daily or weekly videos documenting of daily activity or events. You could also record a video that customize a blog post so your viewers has many more ways to digest the content.

8. Event videos

Event videos mean in-person opinions at a conference or expo as well as can be a big way to show up the excitement of a crowd.

Script Writing for YouTube Video Making Process

1. Define Your Goal

For a good campaign or published content, it’s very important to present what you want to say with your video before you get into the nuts and bolts of bringing it to life.

Implement a singular objective at the start of the production process is key as well as will accept you to focus the video’s script and strategy on presenting it. It is absolutely OK to have multiple goals for your YouTube channel, like increase branding and increasing subscribers, but the best policy is to focus on one goal for one video. 

2. Create a Storyboard & Write The Lines

Once you have established the objective for your video contain, put on your creativity hat and start working on your storyboard. The storyboard is like a blueprint for your video as well as work as an outline for the shoot.

3. Decide on Additional Multimedia Elements

If your video is having to include graphics, title slides, or other multimedia elements, you should make a plan out the position as well as content for those pieces in advance. These elements can be include into your storyboards so the video’s content flows seamlessly. 

4. Determine The Video Length

According to your storyboard, you will also want to set how long your video you should be. On YouTube, videos under two minutes receive the higher levels of engagement.

Your video should be just long much to deliver the main messages that align with its objective. If you do make a longer video, experiment with how you show content — the pacing, story arc, as well as visuals — to keep visitors interested throughout.

5. Pick a Filming Location

You have determined your video objective, setup a storyboard, as well as confirm on the ideal video length needed to deliver your message. Now it’s time to find your filming locations.

Step :One

In the film industry, this step is identify as location scouting, and like every other step in this system, it is a vital part of creating a compelling video. To get started, take a look at your storyboard, as well as make a list of the various locations every scene requires. According to your video concept, either you may only need one location or you may need a new location for every scene. 

Step :Two

Visit every location before the shoot. On your scouting trips, make confirm you will be able to capture the kinds of shots you want for your video. Naturally, it is better to have enough space so you can adjust the camera position as wanted. You should also check for any loud or ambient sound like busy roads or crowd area that could make problem with your audio when filming, and also consider the light and time of day. While the room might have enough light in the morning, you may need to bring a lighting set in to film during the afternoon or evening time.

Video Shooting for YouTube Channel

After all that prep work, it’s finally time to start filming your video. Don’t own a fancy camera or have budget to rent one? Don’t worry for it! Because of advances in smartphone cameras have made it possible to film great content with just a phone.

If you are filming your video with a phone, be confirm to turn it sideways as well as film in landscape mode. This will prevent awkward cropping or framing when you upload the video to YouTube, which natively supports the landscape format. It is no matter what you are filming with, these tips can help your video to look professional as well as stay attractive for your viewers. There are Six Essential Tips for Shooting Quality Video in YouTube video making process.

1. Use a Tripod

You want viewers to focus on your video, not the shakiness of the camera position. For without shakiness shots, be confirm to place your camera on a tripod or another level surface.

2. Set Your Camera to Manual Mode

If you are able to set your camera to full manual mode. It will allow you to make balance the focus as well as other settings as required to properly expose and focus your shots. 

3. Shoot From Different Angles & Distances

For every scene, make confirm you film from a few positions so you can edit between the clips. For an professional interview or video focused on a single individual, this may mean changing the camera from facing the scene head on to filming from a Forty five degree angle.

You can also move the camera closer and further away or zooming in and out for more variation. Cutting between different angles as well as distances will make your video visually interesting and attractive for your viewers. 

4. Film More Than You Think You Need

You can all time cut out footage, but sometimes it is not possible to go back as well as capture more. To make confirm you have the clips you need, shoot multiple takes of every scene. To make confirm you do not miss a moment, count down from five before you start the action as well as before you finish recording. 

5. Introduce Motion

If you have a slider try adding camera movement to your video. Even subtle movement from left to right or in as well as out can include intrigue to your clips. 

6. Use a Good Microphone

If you plan on having real voice in your video, so be confirm to use a high-quality microphone to record the audio. There are many verity microphone choices that record audio separately from the camera. There are also stander and any quality mics you can connect into your smart phone for good audio on the go. 

Video Edit

Finally the last step of YouTube video making process is editing the video which was shoot before. In this part the video has become more professional look by cutting unnecessary video, sound etc. as well as add essential animation, sound and many more things as per content require.

For editing raw video you need to use some, such as softwear Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere CS6, Adobe Premiere After Effects, AVS video editor, iSkySoft Video Editor, Pinnacle Studio 20, HitFilm Express (PC/Mac), iMovie (Mac), YouTube Video Editor (PC/Mac), Windows Movie Maker (PC) as well as many more.


The basic steps of YouTube video making process are mention above. So if you want to start making video for YouTube, hope this content help your job. Since make money from YouTube is very popular freelancing job, so you can earn a smart amount money from here.

If you are a professional video maker you can earn money from online as well as offline too. In online you can work in different freelancing network such as fiverr, upwork, freelancer, peopleperhour and many more. On the hand you can work in TV Channel, drama and film making production house and so one.

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