Make Money From Facebook l  Most Effective Five Idea

Make Money From Facebook l Most Effective Five Idea

Make Money From Facebook, can be done in different ways. Some of more effective way are discussing below, which can change your idea about Facebook or you do not know before those system can help you to make money from Facebook.

01. Make money from facebook business page 

To earn money from a Facebook page, at first you have to a Facebook Page or create one. And then follow some simple small guideline.

One : Find a niche

At first, you must be determined from day one that you have to make money from your Facebook  Page. For that, you must chose the potential niche which will help you to earning and also your interest in the topic.

Such as , an affiliate marketing fan page will help to generate a smart earning from websites as like amazon.

Earning from a Facebook page isn’t a one side work. It is also very important that you must have the general knowledge about the field so that you can post content for your Facebook page and inspire people to like your page.

Two : Post on your Facebook page

Start sharing post. Your post should be such that people read/watch and share.

Facebook pages are said to have a poor organic reach as well as people are forget with in very short time if you are not consistent.

You must have a pre-written pool of post. On the other hand, you should schedule your posts so that if you are busy somewhere, your page will still keep continuing.

You can make a plan your social media posts with apps such as Buffer.

Three : Build relationship

Marketing relationship is mandatory. You will get your 1st payment either collaborative marketing or as sponsored posts. Sponsored post means, you get paid to write about a brand, on your Facebook page.

Four : Sell product on Facebook to earn money

If you have a strong fan base and have establish a name in the town, you can apply to the affiliate marketing to earn more money. The famous affiliate providers are amazon, clickbank, cj, etc.

02. Do affiliate through facebook page

You can use Facebook’s create an offer option to earn money by selling goods & services.

Put the link of your goods & services in the link box and give a coupon code to offer a discount on the item.

You can also use an affiliate marketing link from any affiliate e-commerce site and give a coupon code (no need, if the organization does not offer a discount). Your fans will purchase the goods & services from your link and you will earn money through the affiliate process.

You can keep the paid links on Facebook from any of the websites. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, or whichever provides a percentage on their earning.

Marketing Policy: Some promotion policy are mention below which is help you to make more money.

One : Provide an attractive offer for example 10-15% discount or buy one get one free. Your offer should be more competitive or more better than your competitors.

Two : Promote this offer with Facebook paid marketing.

Three : Or, include influential Facebook pages or people to marketing your offer.

03. Freelance facebook marketer earns well

It is very possible to earn $50 per hour by becoming a freelance Facebook marketer. So, there are some skill is require for freelance Facebook marketer. The require skill are mention below.

One : The first skill is analysis Facebook stats. You have be able to forecast with data analysis that, which type of post work good on which day of the week. Marketing can become effective only if we are able to predict the stats. For example- google has their won analytics for websites, Facebook also has its own analytics for pages.

Two : You should have a capacity to make marketing strategies as well as decisions. A marketing campaign never can’t be successful until a strategic planning. A smart marketer able to predict what will be the out put of a campaign at the end of the month.

Three : Finally, capable to create a Facebook friendly content. Such as, posts with 40 characters on Facebook get 86% more engagement. You have to know which type of post works better in a situation.

04. Make money from facebook group

One of the most effective earning process is Facebook group. Make a Facebook group with more than 10000 members and a good understanding in conversation around a niche. Try to keep the members engaged with relevant questions, blog posts, images, polls etc.

Make money from Facebook group by doing paid surveys, sponsored content, selling own product/book/services , affiliate marketing as well as more many jobs.

05. Earn from facebook video

The latest process is earn money from Facebook is video monetization which is available on YouTube before.  So, You can earn money by posting video contain on Facebook as like as YouTube.

There are some rules as well as regulation of Facebook for video monetization. Such as, need a Facebook page, 1k likes, video length is minimum 3 min etc.

So, if you want to make money from your video contain through Facebook, you need to study on their rules as well as regulation properly and also work on it from today.

Finally a little tricky

Facebook doesn’t  accept organic marketing to a bulk number of fans. But the policy here is, if you are able to keep your audiences engaged, you are able to win the organic reach to a much larger extent.

You can also earn for selling Facebook page likes. But this way you will not all the time earn the same money as it is shown here. I have seen public selling 1000 likes in Tk 100. So, your earning depends on the demography you are targeting and type of client you can get.

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