Make Money From Facebook Video l Terms & Conditions

Make Money From Facebook Video l Terms & Conditions

Make money from Facebook video, it’s very simple as well as difficult too. If it’s not full-fill Facebook’s terms & conditions than it’s difficult.

Now a days Facebook help video creators as well as publishers to earn money. In this process, by showing short ads before, during or after in their video content.

This system can be managed by Creator Studio. It’s can be enabled for specific videos, or all videos on a Facebook page.

Basic rules of make money from Facebook video :

  • Firstly, need minimum 1000 followers in page. If you want to apply for eligibility of make money from Facebook video .
  • Require 15,000 post engagements. This engagements is require within last 60 days.
  • Needed 180,000 minutes viewed between all of your videos. This viewed is require within last 60 days.
  • In the last 60 days, required 30,000 1-minute views on videos that are at least 3 minutes long.
  • There are some country as well as language restriction for this process. Facebook does not allow all country as well as all language for it. The list of the language & countries are given below.

Eligible Country :

Video for earning are only available to Pages that publish videos in certain languages as well as countries. Lots of countries and languages are allow in 2019.

Only 60 countries get the chance to make money from Facebook page’s video. The eligible countries are in below:

Argentina, Australia, Austria.

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil.

Canada, Chile, Colombia.

Denmark, Dominican Republic.

Ecuador, El Salvador.


Germany, Ghana, Guatemala.

Honduras, Hong Kong.

India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy.



Malaysia, Mexico.

New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway.

Peru, Portugal.

Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia.

Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands.


UAE, United Kingdom, United States.

Eligible Language :

Like countries restriction there are also language restriction for make money from Facebook video. Since Facebook does not open it for all language’s in the world. So,few language’s are get the video monetization eligible. The language are:

Arabic, Bengali, English

French, German, Hindi

Italian, Indonesian, Kannada

Korean, Malay, Malayalam

Mandarin, Marathi, Portuguese

Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog

Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish

How to check page eligibility for make money from Facebook video

While video content will meet the requirement, than pages able to earn money from the content. So, to find out your page eligibility follow the below process:

01. Firstly go creator studio

02. On the left of creator studio has a Monetization tab, click the tab.

03. Chose the page that you want to check, and click apply.

04. After click the apply button, you will get your page’s eligibility report. The report is scoring with some color such as below:

  • Green: It’s means your page is eligibility as well as ready to earn money.
  • Yellow: The Page has a some issues. So, it’s may be impact to earn money.
  • Red: The Page has some critical issues. So, Unable to use this Page to earn money at this moment.

How much Facebook will pay:

Some people are thinking that Facebook pay either per thousand views or per Million views, but they belong on a wrong idea. Reality is that Facebook pay per 1000 ads impressions on videos.

Facebook does not pay same amount for same ads impressions. Because it depends on the country. Which means from where videos are watching. For example, some people earn $5 or more on per 1000 ads impressions, on the other hand some people earn $1 or less with same ads impressions .

Earning Formula : Impressions x Cost Per Impression / 1000 = Earning

Example : Impressions are 5000 and CPM are $3 so earning will be

5000 x $3 / 1000= $15

How to Cash Out

Naturally we pay to Facebook for promoting our ad. But here Facebook will pay to video creators or publishers for their content.  So, it is very important that, how we will collect the amount from Facebook.

Facebook accepts users or publishers to earn handsome money like YouTube as well as withdraw money monthly by Paypal or Bank Account.

Finally, this is a great chance for video creators and publishers to make money from Facebook video . Above mention countries and language people’s are able to get this chance. If you are within above countries and language people’s, you should grave this chance.

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