Make a YouTube Channel | Earn Money From Today

Make a YouTube Channel | Earn Money From Today

Make a YouTube Channel & Earn Money From Today — If you have take decision to make a YouTube channel . It’s Great! We can not wait to see the amazing video you promote. Before we dive in, it is very important to note that operating a YouTube channel takes a lot of time and planning. Are you ready for it?

Unlike other social media communicating platforms, YouTube exclusively hosts video content. If you are creating a YouTube channel to simply upload one video and have no intention of proper maintaining the platform, you might want to think again.

You will need to set up time for plan, film, edit, market, and analyze your content on a consistent basis. You will also have to define your brand’s mission and make a plan for how video can specifically help you gain these. If you can provide an appropriate quantity of time and energy into the platform, you will be able to make attractive, shareable video for your growing audience.

Creating a Google Account

Before you start filming video content, you will need to make a YouTube channel and  set up as well. This can get a little bit complicated. As you perhaps know that the owner of YouTube is Google. For this reason, when you log in for a Gmail account, you automatically able to access to a YouTube account, a Google+ account, and many more.

According to your business, you may not want to tie your email account to your business’s YouTube channel — especially if you want to share access to the account with group members or an agency partner. We suggest that you make a common email account that can be access by multiple people.

Visit Google and click “Sign in” in the top right-hand corner. 

At the bottom of the page you will get “Create account”  option.

You will get an option pop up to create an account for yourself or to manage your business. Since your YouTube account will be for your business, select “To manage my business”.

To officially make your Google account, write your name and desired email and password before clicking “Next”. Then, provide a recovery email and your date of birth, gender, and phone number. Note: Google requires age limit for all users to be at least 13 years old.

Finally, agree to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and verify your account with a code which is sent via text or phone call. Congrats! You are now the proud owner of a Google account as well as ready to make a YouTube channel.

Creating a YouTube Brand Account

So, now your Google account has been created done and you are almost prepare to upload some awesome video content.

But, we are not done fully yet — you now have to set up a YouTube Brand Account. A Brand Account accepts users to manage editing permissions and create a more integrated online presence.

Browse In the top at right-hand corner, note that you are perhaps already logged into your new Google account. (If you are not “Sign in” and enter your new Google account username and password.) 

Once you have login, tap your account module after that click “My channel” in the drop-down menu.

 You will notice the option to create a channel right away. Remember!!! DO NOT enter your name and click on “Create Channel”. Rather you may have, click on “Use a business or other name” at the bottom. 

 Now, you should be prompted to make a Brand Account. Select your Brand Account name and press “Create” button. Note: You can always able to update or change your channel name from your account settings options, so don not worry if you are not 100% confirm about your selected label. 

Basic Customizing Your YouTube Brand Account

Now, it’s time to customize your Brand Account. So, First of all Click on “Customize Channel” to get started.

Start customization by adding a channel icon and channel art. These will be the outlook of your YouTube account that users watch when visiting, so be confirm to upload images that are quickly recognizable and consistent with your overall branding.

To add a channel logo, click on the default blue profile image in the toper left-hand corner of your channel to set up an image. Note: It may take few minutes for your channel logo to appear after uploading.

After that, upload your channel cover photo. Click on the blue “Add channel art” button in the middle point of your channel.  After you upload your channel logo and cover photo, include a channel description, a organization email address, and links to your organization website and other social media platforms under the “About” tab.

Advance Customizing Your YouTube Brand Account

The basic customizing has been completed, so it’s time to update few finishing touches! Before we forward on, it is essential to get one thing straight — you can modify the way your YouTube channel looks to subscribers and unsubscribed visitors. It’s means that unsubscribed visitors would see different featured content than dedicated, subscribed visitors. It’s cool, right?

You can take this advantage feature by creating a You Tube channel trailer.

Get ready to start!!! First of all make confirm channel customization is turned on. To do this, click on the gear button next to the red “Subscribe” button in the toper right-hand corner of your channel.

After that, make confirm the option to “Customize the layout of your channel” is open and click “Save”.

Now you have set up your channel for customization, input your trailer. Press the arrow upload button in the toper right-hand corner and chose your video file. Remember one thing that add keywords to your trailer name and description.

Once your video inputs press on the “For new visitors” tab on your channel homepage.  After that click “Channel trailer”.

Lastly, chose your uploaded trailer, or enter a URL to a video you would like to feature, and click “Save”.


Finally The all process of ” Make a YouTube Channel” has done. You are now the proud owner of a YouTube Channel. So it’s time to make and upload quality-full video in your channel as well as do proper marketing to increase subscriber and viewers.

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