Google AdSense : How to Make Money from Your Website?

Google AdSense : How to Make Money from Your Website?

Google AdSense is one of the most popular online earning process as well as it is also a side earning process of a website owner. If you have a website for your business, you can play it and get more income as well as your business operation, which is does not hamper your business.

Naturally it’s too much challenging task to earn money from a website, especially without selling any products or services. But if you are searching this opportunity from your website without selling anything, then there is an option, and its call by the name of Google AdSense.

Since 2003, Google AdSense has been lunching for website owners earn money from their content without having to deal directly with advertisers. No fact what organization or niche you are in, almost every one can become part of the AdSense network and start making money with easy away.

Today, almost every website can submit prayer to Google to become an AdSense option. If the website fulfills some specific criteria of Google, then they will be approved into the network, and they will be accepted to show ads on behalf of Google. The website owner will receive 68% of the ad revenue, when any visitor clicks on these ads.

Logistic Requirement

On the online working sector, you must have some good logistic support, otherwise you can’t make success here. So the most essential and important logistic required for this sector are given below

01. Laptop or Desktop

Required a laptop or desktop device which is working smoothly because, a good device is the first condition for online earning. So make sure your device is good enough for your work. There are lots of updated laptop or desktop in the market so, you can choose one of them, if you haven’t.

02. Internet

A good internet connection is the most essential and important logistic support as like as a good device. So use a good internet connection with your device. A poor internet may be interrupting your work so, it makes hamper your performance. For any kind of online job a good device and internet connection is the most important.

03. Website

Website is must for this task, without website unable to do it. So make a website for this task and customized it. To prepare a site you will need a domain and hosting. Domain means website name like,, and so many. Hosting means space like how much storage you will take for your content.

Skills Requirement

To work in this platform, you will need some technical skills or a team of technical skills. Most essential skills are mention below

01. Website customization

Website customization skill is essential for it. You have to enough and updated knowledge about website customization because of, to get Google approval some pages are most essential on your website which is required for Google like Home page, About Us page, Terms and Condition page, Contact Us page, Privacy Policy Page.

02. Content/Article Writing

Content/Article Writing is needed after customization your website. There are some rules of Google for content writing like content has to be unique, no grammatical mistake, as well as meaningful and easy sentence structure.

03. Graphics Design

Use relevant image in your content which will be made more meaningful and attractive of your content to the reader. So, you have to enough knowledge about Graphics Design to make relevant image for your article.

04. SEO

To get more and sustainable earning there is no alternative of SEO. It’s make your website in rank on Google Search Engine. So, you get more traffic for your website if its rank on Google Search.

05. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is another effective way to generate traffic for your website. There are lots of social media platform, where you can market your site for generate traffic like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, etc.

Difference Between AdSense & AdWords

As describe above, AdSense is Google’s invention opportunity that helps advertisers match up the right publishers and website proprietors for their adverts as well as AdSense is too close to AdWords as they both work together to similar advertisers with publishers.

If you have ever active an AdWords campaign before then, you will see that you have the opportunity to use the search or display partners network. When AdWords first came out, advertisers were only get a chance to target keywords on Google’s website, limiting them to the number of public they could able.

The payment Process

Suppose one day you will earn your first dollar from Google AdSense. So, you are probably thinking how you collect the money. Does Google provide the cash in an envelope, or do they provide you a voucher instead?

Fine, there is good news as well as bad news. The good news is, they don’t provide either. Instead, Google provides few payment methods to publishers to confirm they get their well-earned cash on time. The first and most well-known payment method by far is the ability to collect your earnings via Bank Cheque. This payment method is cost of free and is applicable for almost all international countries.

Another famous way to get money from AdSense through your bank account but, right now this payment method is only applicable to American Banks, unless you agree to pay a $10 wiring fee.

The bad news however, is that Google requires a minimum threshold of hundred dollar before they provide you any money. For smaller websites, this might mean waiting few months before you save up much money to cash out.

So start today of your online carrier with Google AdSense. Happy freelancing.

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