Free Twitter Marketing Tips and Tools |  Increase Organic Follower

Free Twitter Marketing Tips and Tools | Increase Organic Follower

Free Twitter marketing tips still available as well as paid marketing. The following Twitter marketing tips are universal, that are applicable to any type of business, in every sector.

01.  Use keyword targeting in Twitter Ads

Ther are a Twitter ads component is keyword targeting on Twitter.  Keyword targeting allow to engage Twitter users through the different words as well as phrases that you have mention in your content and peoples are search with that words and phrases on the platform.

There are two types of keyword targeting on Twitter including such as search types of keyword targeting and timeline types of keyword targeting.

Search Keyword Targeting

Search keyword targeting allows you to do your tweets show up for users who are searching for the issues that you determined relate to your business. For example, if you sell gluten free cookies, you can target users searching for tweets about baking, cookies, or Celiac Disease.

Timeline Keyword Targeting

Timeline keyword targeting allows you to act on users’ individual feelings, thoughts, works, and emotions they have tweeted about. For example, if you are a running gear company, you might target keywords and phrases users tweet about such as running a race, race day tips or training for a marathon.

02. Use Hashtags

One of the most effective free Twitter marketing tips is use hashtags. Tweets with hashtags and get two-time as much engagement as tweets without hashtags. When use hashtags, its increase the possibility to reach your business a large number of people.

(A) Use a hashtag that is unique to your business so your followers and target audience can simply find you and your content.

(B) Use relevant as well as memorable hashtags for other groups of tweets such as ones related to a specific campaign you are running.

(C) Use Twitter Analytics to review your most effective hashtags so you can confirm their use in upcoming tweets.

(D) Avoid over use of hashtags which may feel as well as look spammy to your audience. Also, tweets with more than two hashtags see a 17% decrease in engagement rather than those with one or two hashtags.

03. Make a content sharing schedule

To increase the number of followers, need to post on a regular basis to confirm audience stay engaged with your business and content. Not only tweet regularly, but also tweet at the right times of the day.

Here are a some examples of effective social media scheduling tools which can use for Twitter marketing strategy.

Sprout Social gives a range of features to help reach your target audience as well as buyer personas through Twitter, including analytics, engagement tools, scheduling capabilities, and details about the type of content your audience wants.

Twitter Analytic helps you to analyze your tweets, understand which content is helping your business development as well as learn about your followers.

HubSpot has a social tool which helps you to schedule posts in advance, connect directly with your audience.

04. Make a Twitter campaign

Social media marketing campaigns are a best way to reach your audience, drive sales, as well as increase your website traffic. You can make a social media marketing campaign specifically on Twitter which can help your business brand awareness as well as increase your target user.

To make a Twitter marketing campaign, there are some effective steps need to follow.

(A) Research your competition.
(B) Determine how you will present to your target audience.
(C) Select the type of content you will create.
(D) Share as well as promote your content.
(E) Analyze your feedback.

05. Write a strong profile bio

Write a strong and unique bio for your Twitter profile. Because of the bio is the first thing of your profile that a visitor will read about your company. The word limit is 160 characters to write this, so select your words wisely to ensure your bio successfully represents your brand.

06. Use images and videos

When get scope, try to post quality videos as well as photos in your tweets. Photos and images are eye-catching and engaging element in your content as Twitter users scroll through their feeds.
Videos and images are a best way to present your audience your product line or how to use the product which you sell as well as make your content feel more personal. Also, images and videos in tweets are proven to support you increase your engagement.

07. Keep an eye on competitor’s Twitter accounts

Twitter is a best way to keep an eye on your competitor’s marketing activity. You can follow them as well as simply search them to see what they are posting. You can also see basic details about their engagement for example their number of retweets, comments, responses etc. This is a simple way to view some of the Twitter marketing policy your competitors are using as well as whether or not they are working.

08. Write followers friendly content

Focus on your followers’ interests as well as demands when writing content. So if you want to reach your audience members and ensure your content touch with them, you will have to keep an eye on their interests and needs. When you are able to meet the requirements of your target audience they will be more likely to continue to follow and interact with your organization.

09. Promote events

Twitter is a best way to marketing your business events. Similar to the way you might for a Twitter campaign, you can create a unique hashtag for different events to marketing any special occasion your organization is hosting.

10. Check direct messages regularly

Like other social media platforms, Twitter also provides users with a Direct Message inbox where they can contact you in a private message regarding any questions, quires, concerns, or comments they do. So, be confirm to check your inbox regularly as this can contribute to the type of customer service and support your business is known for, as well as the type of care you provide your followers as well as customers.

Finally above mention guideline are most effective as free Twitter marketing tips.

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