Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing

Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing

Difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing is very simple. But both forms of marketing have their positive side as well as negative side. To become a good online marketer you have to know advantages of both marketplace as well as disadvantages too. Any one can make money from here very easily.

Naturally Affiliate marketing means to the system of earning a commission by marketing the product of an individual or a company. After every successful sale, the affiliate gets a share of profit by the creator of the product. A some examples of standard affiliate networks are:






CJ Network

CPA marketing is nothing it just a modern and dynamic form of affiliate marketing. In CPA (Cost Per Action), the affiliates make money by just getting users to do simple jobs for example submission of zip code, submission of email, filling up a form, registration of free account, application installing and many more. Besides, in CPA marketing, the customer does not have to make a buy for the affiliate to make money.

There are a lot of CPA networks and below I have listed only a few of them.

AdWork Media

Which one is best CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing?

From my perception there are nothing best in the world as well as there are every thing best in the world. It’s means the best is depend on you. The work that you can do properly that will be best for you. Others people best may be not best for you. So, CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing both are best on their perspective but which one is best for you it’s depend what you can do properly.

Why CPA network pay without selling some things?

Firstly it will be surprised to the beginner’s that it is possible to make money in CPA network without selling anything. After this massage, the first question is – why CPA network pay without selling anything? So the answer is – Every big company has some budget for market research or product promotion, for these they always provide this type job to CPA marketer through CPA network.

Major difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing

This article is showing the major differences between affiliate marketing as well as CPA marketing. Though the difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing is very little, but it has some major difference too that are given below:

1. Permitted Traffic Methods

In affiliate marketing, you can utilize almost every traffic sources for the marketing of offers. In CPA marketing, the publishing methods are limited, and they are depend on the preferences of the provider of the product. Thus, the affiliate is left with limited choice option and has to select from the limited number of methods given by the merchant.

2. Commission

Both the affiliate marketing as well as the CPA marketing system can earn you some smart commissions when someone purchase a product.
The commissions are naturally lower when you are marketing CPA offers that pay on email address submissions, ZIP submits, or other simple works. So, you will need much more conversions to earn a profit, especially when you are paying for traffic.
Most of the affiliate offers found on networks like JVZoo or ClickBank will be part of a funnel as well as you are usually paid a commission throughout the whole funnel. That’s not the case for the CPA offers when you naturally only make a commission from the front-end.

3. User Friendly

In affiliate marketing, an advertiser gets commission only successfully complete referrals and sales, but this is not the case in the CPA marketing because the offers do not ask a credit card or account detail. The affiliate can simply get a customer to easy jobs such as trial registration, email collection etc. An affiliate manager is assigned immediately after the account registration in the CPA networks. The managers can be communication for the best conversions possible, and they will seriously help because their performance depends on the profit of the affiliate. Therefore, CPA offers can be simple promoted as compared to affiliate offers.

4. Offer Quality 

Sometimes, it is really tuff to come across smart CPA offers that deserve a promotion because a large number of them are scams, vain products and the creator of the products do not even pay at times. In affiliate networks, the quality of offers is comparatively high. Moreover, at times, physical products have excellent offers.

5. Network Acceptance

It is quite simple to get registration in the affiliate network as compared with CPA network, because the account will be verified by an affiliate manager and the approval will be provided accordingly. For that, most of the times these networks are required some extra information of your work experience as well as they call a live interview for more information, if they feel .

6. Long Term Benefits

A negative side of the CPA network is that the CPA offers, especially the offers which does not require a sale, will often be deleted without any notice.

So, if you include CPA offers in a funnel or email follow-up, you just need to check the offers in daily basis to see that is it still live or not. Otherwise, you will just loss your traffic.

The offers found on the traditional affiliate marketplace will generally be available for an extended time as well as you don’t have to check daily if the product it’s still for sale.

7. Payments and Refund

The CPA networks are naturally paying you earlier (weekly or biweekly) as well as there are no refunds system.

You will sometimes need to wait a bit more to get your paid from some of the affiliate platforms (For example – Clickbank), but there are also some other platforms whose will pay you immediately in your PayPal account (JVZoo, WarriorPlus) if you are an established affiliate or if the product owner knows you.

In traditional affiliate market, the advertisers are not provide till the money back guarantee time of the product comes to the end, and they also have to deal with repayments at times.


Still now You are an affiliate marketer as well as you get paid for marketing other people’s goods or services.

You do not need to limit yourself to a single system, you can do successfully both affiliate marketing as well as the CPA marketing. Just have to know the difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing, because of they both are extremely benefited for you.

If you are a beginner, I would like to say you to start from affiliate marketing since it is simple to get the acceptance in the affiliate networks you do not have so many restrictions as to when it comes to the marketing of the CPA offers. So start a happy freelancing career.

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